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What is Website ?

Before discussing about website lets look what Wikipedia says about website.

“A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are wikipedia.orggoogle.com, and amazon.com. Today roughly 380 new websites are created every minute across the World.”

I think you have understood what website is .. if not lets  make it simple.


In the modern world where every thing is based on technologies shops are also going virtual or we can say that everyone is going with websites to have online existence.

Website is the face of business which show case our business and products all over the world to extend our limits from local to global and this is simplest way to achieve that.

benefits of website

Collection of related web pages

Here related web pages are the one which are telling customers about your business and products. Products and business  information on the website on some pages which we focus that customer should reach.

Multimedia content

The content on the web pages that include media objects like  Audios , Videos and images e.t.c are multimedia contents. A good website is the one which completely shows our portfolio and in this modern world we can use any type of multimedia content that can easily show case our products.

Domain name

Like a house has a house number through which we reach there just like that a website has name that is called Domain Name through which we reach the specific website. It should be small , easy to pronounce and remember.

Web Server

Space on the internet where our Data or Web pages reside is Web server. Web servers are of different types, If you have small website then you should go for Shared hosting that is cheap and best.


So Website leads the business to new growth as it breaks the limits business previously had.